Join us for a day of mindfulness including yoga practice and hands-on sourdough making

Suitable for yogis and bakers of all levels, beginners to experienced

The concept

The threads connecting sourdough & yoga are the same ones threaded through almost every aspect of our lives.

Acceptance. Every day brings a unique reality. Your body is different each time you step on the mat, your sourdough is different with every loaf that you make. However different, it’s always good.

Strength & Flexibility. How hard we try to balance these two aspects in our body, our mind and in our sourdough loaf. Too strong, it will be dense and unpleasant. Too flexible, it will collapse. It’s the balance that keeps it together.

Time. The most important ingredient in just about anything. Mindful changes to our lives, microbial changes in sourdough – every process takes its own time. You need to create the conditions for it to happen and just let it be…


The day is themed around the threads connecting yoga and sourdough.

On a technical level, we will learn how to make sourdough and the theory behind each step of the process. We will also learn about yoga and experience different styles of practice.

On a deeper, more holistic level, we will draw connections between the two and come to reflect on sourdough making and yoga practice as part of a bigger lifestyle movement. And once these connections are drawn, you’ll find that they can be extended to other aspects of our lives.

Finally, on a practical level, we’ll have a great day with great people, sharing a community feeling of mindfulness and love of delicious, wholesome foods. We’ll keep it small, 10 people maximum to maintain the intimacy and make sure we can provide our full attention to each member.

The day will be guided by Gal Winter and @The Yoga Shed teachers Kate Pattisson of Vera Vidya Yoga and Annie Kanety.

Kate Pattisson, @ The Yoga Shed

Kate has a natural capacity for creating community around her. She is all heart and it shines through in everything she does.

She first found Yoga after going through some life challenges. After spending years of working with others in youth work she has found a home where she can teach and help others without burning herself out in the process.

Kate is passionate about teaching people how to listen to their bodies and still their minds. She believes there is something in yoga for everyone, its about finding what works for you and discovering your full potential. Come and experience her amazing energy.

Date: see above

Cost: $239

Location: PLC, Armidale

Registration includes:

  • Hands on practice in sourdough making;
  • Yoga practices paired for each step of the sourdough process;
  • Full catering for the day including: Morning tea, a delicious vegetarian spread for lunch and an afternoon tea;
  • Workshop booklet;


Arrive at 9:30 for 9:45 start.

Part I – Acceptance. Setting up our intentions for the day and setting up our sourdough.

Welcome, introductions.

Acceptance yoga practice (~30 min).

Bread basics theory. Setting up the sourdough – bulk fermentation stage.

Part II – strength and flexibility. A series of “stretch and fold” to our dough with a paired yoga practice.

3 rounds of:

  • Dough stretch and fold;
  • “Stretch and fold” yoga practice (~20 min).

Sourdough shaping.

Part III – Time. At this stage you’ve done all you can do, now you have to trust that you created the right conditions and let the biology take it from there.

Dough proofing. Participants will take the dough home to proof overnight in the fridge.

Yin yoga practice. Yin is a gentle mediative practice targeting the connective tissue, tendons, fascia and ligaments. It uses passive and relaxing poses that are held for longer to activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system – rest and digest) and work on the meridian lines within your body. 

End of day ~4 pm.

** Day includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

This program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers. A refund will be provided if the program is cancelled.

*** 5% discount will be offered for your second booking with Gal’s Kitchen Culture ***