The concept

Good food equals a good mood, sounds easy, right?

BUT what constitutes good food? and what’s gut gotta do with it? And how do microorganisms fit in?

In this workshop, we’ll explore the concepts of food and mood, catch up on the latest studies into gut microbiology and the gut-brain axis and learn of the importance of fermented food to the gut microbiome.

We will enjoy a delicious spread of fermented foods and learn how to make sauerkraut and fermented vegetables.


Date: See above

Cost: $159

Location: Tamworth community college / PLC Hospitality Unit

Time: 9:30 – ~12:30

Registration includes:

  • Expert talk on the connection between fermented foods, mood and the human microbiome
  • Hands on practice in sauerkraut and fermented vegetables making;
  • a delicious spread of fermented foods, coffee and tea
  • Workshop booklet;

This program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers. A refund will be provided if the program is cancelled.

*** 5% discount will be offered for your second booking with Gal’s Kitchen Culture ***