I have always had a fascination and love with the making (and eating) of food. I studied Food Science and Biochemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel where I graduated my Bachelor and Masters Degrees.

Through my studies I was introduced to the world of food microbiology and it was love at first sight!
In 2008, I was awarded an international PhD Scholarship from Western Sydney University and moved to Australia to research the process of wine fermentation at the world renowned Australian Wine Research Institute. This was a dream come true…

I continued to work on microbial fermentation throughout my academic career. Today I work as a senior lecturer at UNE, teaching microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition as well as running an active research group, studying the microbiome in humans and plants environment.

I am blessed to engage in topics I’m passionate about for a living.

Gal’s Kitchen Culture was born out of this passion, hoping to share some of the knowledge and skills where it counts the most, the kitchen!